What We Do

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How we do what we do

KWPA preserves the past, embraces the present and secures the future of the wood products industry. We take logical and feasible steps to meet these goals. By staying active and visible in our community, we educate others about the industry’s deep Pennsylvania roots and how today’s sustainable forests positively impact our region, economy and environment. We are changing people’s perspectives about the wood products industry and generating interest in career paths. By supporting our members, we are creating strong relationships to further advance the industry.

For the Community


Sponsor community events that increase public awareness about the benefits of working forests.

Organize and/or support regional, statewide and national campaigns—such as the Real American Hardwood initiative & #PAWorkingForestsWork, to increase understanding of the benefits of using hardwood products.

Develop community educational displays that increase the public’s understanding of the industry. From informational panels to interactive monitors, you can find KWPA’s displays in visitors centers, airports, and museums throughout the region.


Sponsor, promote and/or attend our member's events to strengthen relationships, and support member company efforts.

Attend legislative events important to the PA forest products industry to increase understanding of the positive impact the industry has on the state.

Provide equipment to educational facilities and institutions that aid students seeking education within the wood products field. This helps generate a qualified job pool for KWPA members.

Organize workforce development training—such as lumber grading, which assists in maintaining a knowledgeable, skilled, and qualified workforce.

Share opportunities for growth —such as grant programs, economic development/legislative tours that can positively impact member company operations.

Represent member companies at employment and career fairs to promote job openings. In addition, KWPA can promote those openings in the Grain (KWPA's monthly newsletter), social media and on the paforestcareers.com website.

Promote member services and products at special events and trade shows such as Greenbuild.
For the Community