• We keep PA connected to hardwoods

    In our region, nearly 12,000 individuals are employed in the wood products industry and account for 19% of the region’s manufacturing employment.
  • We're stoked about wood

    Snowboarding keeps KWPA member, Gilson, connected to PA hardwoods. They hand-craft snowboards from locally grown PA trees.
  • We use every part of the tree

    Pennsylvania's hardwoods move the world. KWPA member Remmey The Pallet Company can product up to 9,500 pallets per day.

Pennsylvania has a rich heritage in the wood products industry. We want to keep it that way.

What connects you to Pennsylvania hardwoods?

Snowboards. Mountain biking. Cabinets. Rocking chairs. Flooring. Pallets. Mulch. The options are endless! Watch our video to learn the surprising ways our members are connected to PA hardwoods. Join KWPA today to share your story!

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