What We Do

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How we do what we do

KWPA has a large goal of maintaining Pennsylvania’s rich history in the wood products industry for generations to come. We take logical and feasible steps to meet this goal. By staying active and visible in our community, we are changing people’s perspectives about the wood products industry and generating interest in career paths. By being supportive to our members, we are creating strong relationships with those who are already making the industry successful.

For the community

For the community

  • Sponsor events like Williamsport Welcomes the World and baseball games to reach and speak to thousands of people about the industry
  • Organize initiatives and awareness campaigns like our Hardwood Trivia Quiz on Facebook
  • Develop community educational installations (example: Lycoming County Visitors Center's wood products education booth)
For our members

For our members

  • Sponsor, promote and/or attend our member's events (example: Gilson's Summer Snow Day or RT Machine's Lunch & Learn)
  • Attend legislative events important to the PA forest products industry to ensure a secure future
  • Provide equipment, like chainsaws and wood drying kilns, to educational facilities and institutions
  • Meet with school guidance counselors and attend career seminars to explain the opportunities there are for students in the industry

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