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You can see the importance of the wood products industry all around you. Think about all the aspects of your life that are effected by this amazing industry – the tables at your favorite restaurant, the studs in your house, the pages of your most loved book, or the mulch at your kids’ school playground. All of these are brought to you by the wood products industry! Pennsylvania has a thriving community of businesses, students, and institutes working together to help create and promote industry jobs and promote sustainable forest management practices. Join us today to help!

How can I help right now?

How can I help right now?

  • Become a member of KWPA
  • Buy building materials from local mills and manufactuers
  • Look for paper products that are FSC certified to ensure sustainable forest management practices
  • Purchase locally grown hardwood products like mulch and firewood
  • Learn how to properly manage wooded areas on your property to protect the environment and promote healthy forests

Become a KWPA member today!