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Study after study – and lots of practical experience too – has shown that using American hardwoods as a building material is environmentally safe and economical. It’s sustainable, renewable, creates jobs and can cost less than other materials.

For scientific proof that using wood is green, click these links. Each of them gives you access to many more information resources.

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News Updates

  • American Hardwood Export CouncilLow carbon footprint positions American hardwoods among world’s most eco-friendly building materials. Article discusses preliminary data released from an ongoing Life Cycle Assessment study commissioned by the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC), the leading international trade association for the American hardwood industry.
Informative Brochures
  • American Hardwood Report Council
    A preliminary assessment of the carbon footprint of American hardwood kiln dried lumber supplied to distributors in the European Union (2nd Edition), by Rupert Oliver, Forest Industries Intelligence Ltd.This paper contains a preliminary estimate of total carbon emissions associated with growing, harvesting and processing American hardwood kiln dried sawn lumber and then transporting from the U.S. mill to distributors yard in the European Union.
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