Can you imagine your life without the products that come from trees? Pennsylvania leads the nation in the production of hardwood lumber, and also ranks nationally in the production of millwork, flooring, kitchen cabinets and other products. When a tree is cut, every part is used – not just the timber. Even the bark is used for mulch, sawdust for wood pellets, and chips for paper manufacturing. We’re careful to get all the value from our trees. Simple logs can be used for fuel in a fireplace. Lumber is used to frame the house, and wood particle board to build the walls and sub-flooring. Some homes have wood siding on the exterior. Specialized moldings are used to add detail, and wood is often used for final floors, doors, windows and cabinets. Wood material is even in some of the food we eat and products we use: Maple syrup, ice cream and toothpaste, for example. Hardwood is also used as a modern industrial material in applications like railroad ties, bridge decking, concrete construction forms, truck body flooring, crating and pallets – even subway car bumpers. The photos in the gallery below are just some of the ways wood products are used in our homes and business.

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