New instructor at SUN Tech brings new goals for advanced wood program

SUN Tech Institute is introducing Bryan Seward this year as new instructor for the Advanced Wood and Welding Program. Moving right out of working in the industry and into the classroom, he has come fresh ideas for the program.

One of his main goals is to increase interest and enrollment in the program as this program has historically had a lower enrollment rate than others at the school. He has plans to increase awareness involve making more connections with the sending schools and opening up the program facility for tours.

Another goal for the program is to align the curriculum to satisfy what local industry professionals are searching for in employees. A large factor of this is making sure equipment is current and students have ample training with all equipment. To do this, new technology based machines will need to be gained and make better use of the equipment that is already available, like the Shopbot CNC Router. Beginning this fall the program will be introducing their new Handibot CNC Router, a smaller CNC unit that will allow students to learn CNC at a worktable before they learn the larger unit. Finishing techniques will also become more of a focus throughout the next few years and incorporate LEAN manufacturing.

Also in the future are hopes of displaying students’ work in the shop to show visitors (and potential employers) what the students are capable of.

We are looking forward to staying up to date with this great program and keeping KWPA members in the know of the progress!


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